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The Main Features Of Scaffolding Accessories

Jun 08, 2017

Scaffolding accessories include many kinds, mainly steel pipe, fasteners, wire rope, scaffolding, as well as safety net? Here we come to understand the use of the process need to pay attention to what aspects of the problem.

For scaffolding accessories in the steel pipe, the need to use 48 * 2.7 of the steel pipe, the weight of each steel pipe can not exceed 25 kg, the material needs to meet the relevant national standards, Scaffold Accessories the size of the diameter should be consistent. New steel pipe need to have product quality certificate and quality inspection report; for older steel pipe, corrosion thickness of not more than 0.5 mm, prohibit the hole in the pipe above. Steel pipe surface should be smooth and straight, can not have cracks, stratification, dislocation, burr, indentation and other phenomena exist.

Scaffolding accessories in the fasteners, the use of malleable cast iron production of fasteners, fasteners need to have a production license bolts, product certification and quality inspection report. For the presence of deformed and cracked products are strictly prohibited, Scaffold Accessories there are scratched bolts to be replaced.

Scaffolding accessories in the wire rope must be qualified after the inspection can be put into use, prohibit the use of poor quality wire rope.

Scaffolding accessories in the scaffold is mainly made of bamboo bamboo string scaffolding, the thickness of not less than 50 mm, the weight of each scaffolding shall not be greater than 30 kg. Scaffold plate shall not appear loose, brittle, moldy, deterioration phenomenon. And for a variety of stamping steel foot scaffolding, welded steel scaffold, steel frame panel scaffolding and self-processing of various types of metal scaffolding, weight should not exceed 0.3kN, performance should meet the design requirements, and the surface should have Non-slip, Scaffold Accessories anti-water structure.

For scaffolding accessories in the safety net, mainly divided into secure network and secure network. Flat net mainly by the nylon, vinylon or polyester and other materials, its width shall not be less than 3 meters, according to the corresponding rules for stamping, cushioning and flame retardant performance test. The use of dense network of dense safety net, the number of 10 + 10 cm area of the number of networks shall not be less than 2000 mesh, and according to the appropriate rules for the penetration resistance, flame resistance and resistance to the impact of qualified test to ensure that Reasonable use of building scaffolding accessories.

Scaffolding because of its structural characteristics, Scaffold Accessories in the construction has an important application, scaffolding accessories main features are:

1. No need to heat the whole, the workpiece deformation is small, power consumption is small, scaffolding pollution-free

2. Scaffolding surface after quenching the workpiece surface has a larger compression stress, the workpiece anti-fatigue breaking capacity is higher.

3. Heating speed, the workpiece surface oxidation decarbonization lighter.

4. Heating equipment can be installed in the mechanical processing line, easy to mechanize and automation, easy to manage, and can reduce the transport, saving manpower, Scaffold Accessories improve production efficiency, surface hardened layer can be adjusted according to need, easy to control.

Scaffolding accessories must be confirmed in the quality of qualified, can be used, once found the problem, due to timely replacement, to ensure the safety of the structure of the scaffolding.