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Disc Scaffolding System

Jan 14, 2017

1. multi-functional. According to specific construction requirements, form module for 0.6m in a variety of group sizes and loads of single row, double-row scaffolding, support frame, support columns, item, upgrade of various functions, such as construction equipment, curved layout and can do. Scaffolding on the bottom with adjustable, adjustable support, double adjustable early dismantling, beams, picking racks and other accessories used in conjunction, can be used in conjunction with various types of steel pipe scaffold, realizes each kind of versatility. A is can in any not flat slopes and the stepped type Foundation Shang erection; II is can support stepped shaped die version, can achieved die version early split; three is can achieved part support frame early demolition, can erection passage road, pick eaves fly wing; four is can tie erection climbed frame, and activities table, and outside row frame,, achieved various function support nursing role; five is can as warehouse shelf, can for erection various stage, advertising engineering bracket,. The pole has the ability to 600mm module arbitrary long, also have docking functionality, provide convenient conditions for the use of special height dimensions. Rotary dial multifunction scaffold for large-scale use of standardized templates and new template hooks provided technical support, installation, fixed.
2. structure less, built and the demolition convenient, basic structure and the dedicated parts, can makes the system can adapted for various structure buildings; only by State rod, and bar, and oblique lever three class component composition, State rod, and bar and oblique lever all in factory within made, a is maximum to prevent has traditional scaffolding activities spare parts easy lost, easy damaged of problem, reduced construction units of economic loss; II is no any activities lock tight pieces, maximum to prevent has traditional scaffolding activities lock tight pieces caused of not security hidden.