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Discusses The Status Of Mobile Scaffold Technology

Jan 16, 2017

Early 80 's, China has introduced from abroad, various Bowl-mobile scaffolding. Portal application has a large number of mobile scaffold in many works, and achieved good results, product quality problems due to the door-like scaffold, the scaffold had not been much used. Now in several cities in the South and established a number of door-like scaffold factory, part of their products for indoor and outdoor decoration, mostly foreign order processing. Bowl-scaffold is a new type of mobile scaffold applied up to a scaffold, but is not widely used, only some of the areas and is widely used in parts of the works.
Since the 90 's, some domestic enterprises to introduce overseas advanced technology, research and development of a variety of new mobile scaffolding, plug-Mobile scaffolds, wheel-type mobile scaffold, Square Tower Mobile scaffolding, as well as various types of climbing frames. At present, professional mobile scaffolding producing hundreds of enterprises, mainly in Qingdao, Wuxi, Guangzhou, and other places. Technically speaking, some mobile scaffolding enterprises are now capable of production of various new ability to move scaffolding.
However, the domestic market has not been cultivated, lack of awareness of the new type of mobile scaffold in construction enterprise, the ability to adopt new technologies is not enough. Plug-in recent years the mobile scaffolding and climbing frame in a number of key projects have achieved very good results, some construction companies have been gradually popularized these new type of mobile scaffold.