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Dismantling Procedure Of Scaffold Parts

Jul 18, 2017

Removal requirements for scaffold fittings:

The scaffold shall be dismantled if it is verified and confirmed no longer required by the head of the Unit project. Before dismantling the scaffold, the materials, tools and sundries on the scaffold should be removed. When dismantling the scaffold, the guard area and the warning sign should be set up and be guarded by the full-time personnel. Scaffold demolition should be under unified command, according to the first demolition, Scaffold Accessories first loaded after the demolition of the order.

Erection of scaffold fittings and formwork bracket:

The erection of scaffold fittings should be synchronized with the construction schedule, and the erection height should not exceed two steps of the top wall part. And the degree of freedom should not be greater than 4m. The Full House scaffold and formwork bracket are set up by column, Scaffold Accessories row by line and layer by step method. The Assembly of the door frame should be extended from one end to the other, and should be set up from the bottom up, and the erection direction should be changed by layer by step; After each erection of the two-step door frame, the level of the door frame should be checked and the vertical degree of the upright bar.

Scaffolding Accessories-1, the demolition of the front, a comprehensive check to dismantle the scaffold, the credential check results, the quality of the work plan, submitted to promise, Scaffold Accessories to hold the skills after the preparation of things.

2, carefully check the crane machinery including the lock is quiet and reliable.

3. All high-level operations staff, should be harsh according to the operation of the high place and obey the law of tranquility, demolition process and program requirements.

4. After the demolition of the staff into the booth, the ancestors to check, strengthen the loose parts, remove the material, objects and rubbish in the step layer. All the liquidation shall be transported to the ground peacefully, and no high place to throw.

5. In the demolition of the frame, not halfway, if the replacement must be replaced, Scaffold Accessories the demolition of the environment should be clear before the handover.

6. All the cushion of the demolition, should be set up from the outside to carry, in order to prevent from inside to Valgus after the trash objects directly from the height of the fall hurt people.

7. After completion of the day, should carefully check the surrounding environment, such as the invention of the location of hidden trouble, should be held in real-time repair or inheritance completed to a pace, a part of the end, the party can be evacuated sentry box.