Erection Of Scaffolding Considerations

Jan 16, 2017
Erection Of Scaffolding Considerations

(1) lay a scaffold must be located on the actions layer skirting board, skirting board and painted in striking red and white safety paint interval, a height of not less than 180mm.
(2) outer scaffolding in the process, must be carried out strictly according to the regulations of the construction project and erection, and Rachel and structure in a timely manner, ensuring the safety of installation process.
(3) the installation process should be vertical and horizontal deviation correction at any time bar, to avoid too large.
(4) small rail set should be perpendicular to the Rails, small bars at both ends should be out of the bar 10cm.
(5) butt fastener connecting bar, shelf should open inside the bolt upwards, cross buckle no opening facing down, bolts should be moderately tightened.
(6) continuous layout scissors from bottom to top, scissors at both ends of the buckle from the nearby connection points cannot be greater than 20cm.
(7) as frame construction progress, follow up safety nets, scaffold safety protection facilities, such as the display and nails.