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Frame Construction System Is Very Important

May 15, 2017

Framework to build the system is to enhance business management is a very effective means, but also by more and more enterprises attention. Standardization is a system of work, the standard is also an organic link as a whole, in order to Frame System Scaffolding protect the success of standardization, the primary problem is to set up a standard system framework. Standard system framework to build the basic principle is "horizontal to the edge, vertical in the end", that is, the standard system is to cover all aspects of the content, but also covers all levels of units, can not leave management gaps and management gaps. The construction of the frame structure system includes two aspects: the horizontal system frame structure and the vertical system frame structure.

 1, horizontal system frame structures

The core of the horizontal system framework is to solve the problem of how to divide the professional sub-systems. Enterprise activities involving a wide range of both the management activities, but also business activities, professional sub-system structures must be fully considered the three major issues:

 (1) the company's development strategy

The development strategy of the company has a very important influence on the construction of the professional sub-system. In Frame System Scaffolding the process of constructing the professional sub-system, the company's development strategy must be fully considered to ensure that the system is forward-looking and conforms to the development needs of the company.

 First, we must consider the company's future business development direction. Different business operations and management methods may be different, the requirements of the standard system construction is also different. Therefore, the professional sub-system to build must take full account of the company's future business direction. Clear whether the company's future business direction will be adjusted? Is to keep the existing business direction unchanged, or will enter the new business areas? Whether it will shrink some of the business, out of some business? When building a standard framework, it is necessary to take full account of the company's business resilience, both to fully cover the existing business, and to retain the increase or decrease of the interface, so that with the company's business development needs, can be added and added sub-system.

 Second, we must clarify the future development of the company's regional business planning. With the regional business changes, the company's management will change, the demand for the standard system will change. Therefore, in the process of building sub-system, we must fully consider the company's regional business may change, the system framework design must be Frame System Scaffolding fully flexible and scalable, in accordance with the company's development needs, timely adjustment and improvement of the system framework. For example, we must fully consider whether the company will operate transnational, open up international business, how to manage international business? Or whether the proportion of the company's regional business will be a major adjustment, the regional business management will be a major change.

(2) the organizational structure of the company

The company's organizational structure and the future direction of the possible adjustment is also the framework of the horizontal system must be fully considered the problem. The end user of the standard system is the company's various departments and units, therefore, the framework of the system and the company departments and units set the more consistent, the more convenient to use the various units. Although the architecture of the framework must be fully considered when the organizational structure of the design issues, but the system framework can not be built in accordance with the existing departments and units of the design, but also need to consider the company's strategy and business value chain and other issues.

The framing system will serve people at all levels and units. Different levels and units of staff on the standard system focus is different. For example, the company leaders, department heads, grassroots employees and collaboration units on the Frame System Scaffolding standard system of the focus is different, in order to ensure that the standard system is more layered, more convenient for the use of all levels of personnel, we must scientifically set the standard system vertical level frame. For example, ISO quality management manual, from the vertical level is divided into quality manuals, program files, work instructions and quality records, from macro to micro, and gradually refine. Standard system construction must also be such an effective division of the vertical level, layers of decomposition, and gradually refined.