Good Bearing Capacity Of Scaffold Accessories

Jul 28, 2017
Good Bearing Capacity Of Scaffold Accessories

Scaffold Accessory is an important component of scaffolding used in building construction, Scaffold Accessories it shows good function and use value in the whole structure of scaffold, and the scaffold accessory with good quality can create a safe and reliable construction environment for the construction personnel.

The development of scaffold accessories has undergone a long process, continuously improving and perfecting in the whole development process, its production craft and quality level unceasingly consummates and develops, can realize more function and value.

Scaffold accessories have the advantages of convenient installation and disassembly, Scaffold Accessories good bearing performance, safe and reliable use and so on. Its development speed is very fast, mobile scaffolding in a variety of new scaffolding is the earliest developed, the use of the largest amount, Scaffold Accessories in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries for its use of about 50% of all types of scaffolding.

As a kind of basic building facilities, scaffold accessories can play a very important role in the field of construction, and its development has undergone a process of never perfecting to gradually perfecting.

Scaffold Accessory is the left support scaffold accessory, Scaffold Accessories it is a support on the machine tool, the bearing hole is completely according to the axle, the side ear in accordance with the bolt can be clamped tightly, so that the shaft is fixed. Unlock the rear axle of the bolt can rotate or slide, also can use the clamping degree of different to adjust the gap between the hole and the shaft. Scaffold Accessories The following method is positioned with two locating pins on the flange and fixed with four bolts.

Process decomposition of scaffold accessories:

Its material is HT200, the material is the gray cast iron, has the high strength, the abrasion resistance, the heat resistance and the vibration-reducing property, is suitable to withstand the larger stress and the request wear-resisting scaffold fitting.

The scaffold accessory is used as the transverse limit of the heavy-duty support frame, or the side support member of the wall template, by 48x3.5MMA3 Steel Pipe welded bar joint, Scaffold Accessories and assembly drag support, can be directly connected with the bowl buckle joint with supporting frame, there is a specification of HTC, the length of 400mm, also can be processed according to needs.

The scaffold has the characteristics of simple loading and disassembling, good carrying capacity, safe and reliable use, and rapid development. The main components of scaffold parts are: main frame, transverse frame, cross oblique support, foot hand, adjustable base, etc. The cross lever, also known as the diagonal tie rod and the movable scaffold, is the cross type lever connecting the two pairs of door frames vertically. Scaffold Accessories The two ends of the bar are pressed with a pin hole, and the lock pin on the upright lever of the door frame is assembled and locked. Surface Treatment: electroplating (Cold galvanized), zinc dipping (hot-dip galvanized), casters: Also known as the ground wheel, can be installed in the lower part of the mobile scaffold, the composition of mobile scaffolding. Can be used as mechanical and electrical installation, paint painting, equipment maintenance, advertising production activities, such as the platform, with easy to use, mobile flexible, safe and reliable characteristics. In a variety of new scaffolding, the development of the earliest, the use of the most.