Maintenance Method Of Scaffold Accessories

Aug 09, 2017
Maintenance Method Of Scaffold Accessories

Scaffold Accessories from material, carrying capacity of the structure, unloading, security protection, as well as the construction of the aspects of analysis, thus affecting the high building scaffold accessories safety factors and the corresponding measures to ensure the use of safety, so as to be able in the security aspects of high-rise building scaffolding design, Scaffold Accessories erection and use of reference.

When the scaffold is set up, the design of the designer is a certain basis, and it is considered to be the ideal state of steel pipe treatment. Steel pipe purchase channels complex, quality is difficult to guarantee. The construction unit from the economic point of view, Scaffold Accessories there are from the informal manufacturers purchase, there is leasing. Q235 Steel is relatively easy to be corroded, the use of neglect of anti-corrosion protection, serious surface pits, affecting the bearing capacity of the period. The ability of the steel tube to resist deformation is very strong. And after the use of many times, the phenomenon of bending, wall flattening and so on, Scaffold Accessories its bending, compressive capacity decline.

The cutting of the steel pipe used in the scaffold fittings and the use of the end section of the welding electrode are not smooth, and the initial bending is found in the fastener position, which affects the compressive bearing capacity and is easy to lose stability. And before the market fastener variety is uneven, quality is different, some manufacturers use gray cast iron or geosyncline steel to make fasteners, Scaffold Accessories this mechanical performance is very difficult to meet the requirements. Some construction units are very greedy and cheap, and use low price inferior fasteners to enter the site.

When we use scaffolding accessories, we must do well its maintenance and maintenance work. Scaffold Accessories This allows the product to have a better working status.

First of all, in the discovery of accessories have too high temperature problems, then we need to keep parts of the heat in time. Otherwise, the accessories will be due to the overheating of the relationship and have a cylinder case found, and will also produce triangular tape, such as premature aging problems, and not only the performance of the accessories and the overall decline in equipment, in order to be able to make the service life of accessories to be guaranteed, we can not let the accessories have any heat problems and circumstances. And make sure the accessories are clean when used. If the accessories we use are too dirty, Scaffold Accessories it can be very easy to jam. This will also allow the use of scaffolding problems, so regularly ensure that the health of accessories is more important.

Second, in the installation of scaffolding accessories should be installed correctly, can not be reversed to install the accessories. If the reverse installation, Scaffold Accessories then the scaffolding will be unstable problems, staff use when the person will not be able to get security. When we install, we must follow the accessories screws and other directions to install, preferably after the installation of a complete inspection work.

In the discovery of any part of the missing parts of the problem, or forget the installation, then we should be in time to make up for these accessories. Because once the installation problem is missed, it is hard to imagine a serious situation when using scaffolding. So this point is worth our attention.