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Mobile Scaffolding Welded Pipe Needs To Reach Standard

Jan 16, 2017

High expectations for the mobile scaffolding pipe, generally need to be consistent with existing national standards of the straight seam welded pipe (GB/T13793-92) or low-voltage transmission fluid used welding pipe (GB/T3092) Q235A level of ordinary pipe, its material properties should be consistent with existing national standard of carbon structural steels (GB/T700) requirements.
Mobile scaffolding welded pipe specifications for 48x3.5mm, pipe wall thickness shall not be less than 3.5-0.025mm. Bowl, adjustable on base and adjustable support brace nuts for malleable cast iron or cast steel manufacturing, mechanical properties of the material shall conform to GB9440 KTH330-08 and GB11352 ZG270-500 requirements.
Pole connection sleeve wall thickness shall not be less than 3.5-0.025mm, not more than 50 mm inner diameter, coat length must not be less than 160mm, extended length not less than 110mm. 3.5.7 Rod welding should be carried out in special tooling, all welds should be solid and reliable, height not less than 3.5mm. The pole connecting hole connecting with the pole should be able to insert the 12mm connection at pin. Bowl nodes at the same time installation of 1-4 bar, Bowl should be able to lock on.