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Prospects For Pin-type Of Scaffold In Our Country

Jan 16, 2017

Bolt type scaffolding is State Rod Shang of socket and bar Shang of plug, used wedge shaped bolt connection of a new scaffolding, this scaffolding in Europe, developed has application has more than 20 years, due to it has structure reasonable, and hosted force high, and loaded split convenient, and save quantity, and technology advanced, and security reliable, features, thus in Europe Day Han, developed application is widely, is international mainstream of scaffolding. This scaffolding of many different types of sockets, plugs and plugs, outlets have rounded socket, square socket, plum-shaped Sockets, such as v-shaped, u-shaped ear plugs ear socket, Jack has four, eight, Plug and plug forms are varied, so its many varieties of different specifications, scaffolding of the units names also vary.
Introduction, development and application of plunger scaffolding also has more than 10 years of history, there are some manufacturers introduced and developed the scaffold the scaffold, and used in many key projects, and achieved very good results. Beijing advance fixed scaffolding Engineering Co in 2004 from France introduced CRAB module scaffolding at the National Stadium (bird's nest), the National Aquatics Centre (the water cube), capital airport new terminal building, Fengtai Sports Center in key Olympic projects, such as a large number of applications, well received by departments concerned. The France scaffolding is a company with a history of more than 50 years old, it has CRAB module scaffolding construction market in Europe is the leading scaffolding.