Resistance To Corrosion Of Scaffold Fittings Is Stronger

Aug 21, 2017
Resistance To Corrosion Of Scaffold Fittings Is Stronger

The outer side of the scaffold body must be enclosed in a dense mesh, and the mesh must be securely fixed on the frame. The bottom of the frame of the foot must be laid tight, and the application of flat net and dense mesh bottom. The frame body should be set up and down, the bottom of the foot can be folded over the plate structure, Scaffold Accessories maintain the bottom of the frame and the surface of the building on the floor and normal use of the gap, to prevent material fall.

The outer side of each working layer frame must be provided with two protective railings and a retaining foot. Monolithic and middle disconnected integral type attachment lifting scaffold, under working condition, Scaffold Accessories its disconnect place must close and add the railing, under the lifting condition, the frame opening place must have the reliable prevention personnel and the material fall the measure.

Scaffold Accessories loading and unloading speed is relatively fast, stitching ability is also relatively strong, because it completely avoids the use of bolts in the process of trouble, a worker operating when only need a simple small hammer can easily handle the task, this also gives the operator a lot of labor and time, Scaffold Accessories its joints have a good bending, shearing and torque-resistant ability, than the general pipe of other scaffold structure strength is much stronger. Joint has not easy to lose, relatively simple features, and its corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance is stronger, in the day-to-day maintenance of relatively simple and convenient, and storage time and transportation is very worry.

Scaffold Accessories In the construction of the use of a lot of specifications, these specifications are also to ensure that workers in the operation of life safety issues. Because there have been more than one time on the site, the scaffolding collapse caused casualties. Therefore, Scaffold Accessories the scaffold must undergo professional quality inspection and test before use. On the wheel buckle scaffolding to conduct a random inspection, after completion of the foundation and the template bracket before the erection should be checked, and in the event of bad weather to avoid the operation, if the trend of more than six level above to stop construction operations, to avoid the occurrence of unexpected circumstances. The whole process of construction must be strictly adhered to.