Scaffold Accessories Ensure Scaffold Safety

Oct 18, 2017
Scaffold Accessories Ensure Scaffold Safety

The scaffold has the characteristics of simple loading and disassembling, good carrying capacity, safe and reliable use, and rapid development. The main components of scaffold parts are: main frame, transverse frame, cross oblique support, foot hand, adjustable base, etc. The cross lever, also known as the diagonal tie rod and the movable scaffold, Scaffold Accessories is the cross type lever connecting the two pairs of door frames vertically. The two ends of the bar are pressed with a pin hole, and the lock pin on the upright lever of the door frame is assembled and locked. Surface Treatment: electroplating (Cold galvanized), zinc dipping (hot dip galvanized), casters: Also known as the ground wheel, can be installed in the lower part of the mobile scaffold, the composition of mobile scaffolding. Can be used as mechanical and electrical installation, paint painting, equipment maintenance, advertising production activities, Scaffold Accessories such as the platform, with easy to use, mobile flexible, safe and reliable characteristics. In a variety of new scaffolding, the development of the earliest, the use of the most.

Scaffolding is the use of the door frame and connecting rods and some hanging buckle-type foot and lock arms, horizontal racks and other scaffolding parts together to build up, Scaffold Accessories scaffold parts for scaffolding is the scaffolding, the relevant parts without scaffolding can successfully build a scaffold.

When building a house or decorating it, the workers will use scaffolding to help them finish their work. Therefore, the main use of scaffolding in some buildings on the external wall construction and interior walls of the decoration and many other aspects. We now so many modern buildings can stand in the world is not without the credit of scaffolding, natural scaffolding accessories have become the building process is essential material.

Scaffold fittings are used for erection of temporary balcony and stands. Scaffold Accessories For the mechanical and electrical installation, Hull building and other decoration works of the active work platform.

In order to ensure the safety of scaffold, the erection and operation of scaffold should be carried out in accordance with the norms, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

As a frequently used construction staff in construction sites, it is necessary to understand the use of scaffolding in the process of attention, one is to understand the product, the second is to maximize the effectiveness of scaffolding products to play the role of the third is to ensure the safety and stability of the scaffold, Scaffold Accessories to ensure the safety of construction personnel, What are the precautions for scaffolding accessories during use?

First, the scaffold transport to the construction site should pay attention to the storage of the warehouse must be in the surrounding buildings, not too far, must be convenient to pick material.

Second, in the scaffolding accessories before the construction, to carefully check every part of the deformation, rust, serious corrosion of accessories, must be put aside, in order to the safety of construction personnel can not be put into use.

Third, the scaffold accessories in the erection of the base, must pay attention to do a good job of waterproof drainage, dredging the guide ditch, such as in the sand must be paved with good wood, such as soft to harden the ground, to ensure that the foundation of the scaffolding has enough hardness to withstand the gravity from the canopy.

Four, construction site set up shelves must be in accordance with the standards to carry out the selected accessories must be in accordance with the construction technical specifications to carry out.

The structure stability of the scaffold is the important content of the safety of the engineering structure, and also the precondition to ensure the safety operation of the construction personnel. Therefore, in the erection and use of scaffolding must be standardized operation!

The structure of scaffold fittings is relatively few, therefore, it is convenient to build and disassemble, but some parts of its fetters are special parts, which can be used for all kinds of structural buildings, Scaffold Accessories the system is made up of three kinds of members, the pole, the bar and the diagonal lever are all manufactured in the factory. One is to prevent the traditional parts of the scaffolding is easy to lose, easy to damage the problem, reduce the cost of construction units of economic losses; second, there is no activity locking parts, to maximize the traditional scaffolding to prevent the safety of the lock pieces caused by unsafe problems