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Scaffold Accessories Have Good Use Characteristics

Aug 31, 2017

Scaffold Accessories with security advantages, quality advantages, brand advantages, engaged in fastener rental worry, labor-saving, rental income more than the rental of inferior iron moving scaffold accessories. Scaffold Parts corrosion resistance is strong, the whole piece of passivation and galvanized double anti-corrosion treatment, Scaffold Accessories its corrosion resistance greatly improved, long service life, far more than the cast iron mobile scaffolding accessories service life. Excellent performance, advanced structure, Scaffold Accessories full plate cold pressure molding, strength and toughness than the national current standards, completely eliminated the cast iron mobile scaffold parts due to rupture caused by the collapse of scaffolding accident hidden trouble.

Scaffold Accessories Maintenance Convenience: Because the product itself is not easy to rust, not easy to damage, after the use of maintenance is very convenient, Scaffold Accessories not only to reduce the maintenance difficulty also saves the maintenance cost, can in the event of failure convenient maintenance and repair. The use of mobile scaffolding accessories can improve the overall construction image, improve the use of the bidding competitive power. Without increasing the cost of the user, you can use safe, Scaffold Accessories comfortable and convenient fasteners without spending money.

Scaffold accessories are undergoing a profound transformation from small scale, low level, single variety, serious inability to meet the demand to a considerable scale and level, the quality of varieties significantly improved and the initial meeting of national economic development requirements, scaffolding demand will gradually achieve self-sufficiency. Scaffolding can be constructed from wood, bamboo and steel pipes. Scaffold accessories are a kind of scaffold, Scaffold Accessories can be used in high-strength link fastener and steel pipe, effectively ensure the fastener and the effective connection of steel pipe. Scaffold accessories have good use characteristics, suitable for different buildings, improve the work efficiency and duration, reduce the cost of construction. The basic form of the multi-pole scaffold is single row, double row two kinds. The single row scaffold is only arranged on the outside of the scaffold, Scaffold Accessories and its transverse degree rod is connected with the longitudinal degree rod, and the other end is donated to the wall.