Scaffold Accessories Meet Various Construction Requirements On Site

Sep 12, 2017
Scaffold Accessories Meet Various Construction Requirements On Site

Scaffold fittings are of reasonable structure and large carrying capacity. The vertical rod, the bar and the oblique pole axis line to be in the point, the node in the frame plane, the joint is in the flexural, the shearing, the torsional mechanical performance condition, Scaffold Accessories the frame structure overall stability, as well as the frame body's carrying capacity compared to the scaffold fitting has the obvious improvement and the enhancement.

Scaffold accessories are also supporting the design of Steel foot, ramp board, tripod, cantilever and safety net bracket and other functions of the auxiliary components, Scaffold Accessories can meet various construction requirements on site, can create favorable conditions for civilized construction on site. The construction site management is convenient. Scaffold parts of the structure of lightweight, solid, especially scattered connectors, can be stacked neatly, not easy to lose, easy to site material management, to a large extent reduce the loss of materials. Easy to process, easy to standardize production in large quantities.

The parts of the scaffold fittings are the uniform welding form, the main parts of the upright rod, the bar, the slanting rod and the base are the Unified series products, the main components are 48mmx3.5mm welded steel pipe. All parts manufacturing process is simple, do not need complex processing equipment, Scaffold Accessories easy to use factory form mass production, can guarantee the interchangeability and reliability of its products. Complete, easy to use.

The structure size of scaffold fittings is random because the basic parameters of the main constitutive fittings have only a few fixed specifications, if the spacing of the bowl buckle on the bar is 0. A multiple of 6m, the length of the crossbar is 0. The multiple of 3m, so, Scaffold Accessories in the design and erection of scaffold parts structure, can not be like the fastener-type steel pipe scaffold at random. However, with appropriate adjustment and collocation, there is still sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of most engineering construction.

Scaffold Accessories include a number of parts, Scaffold Accessories each part in its structure are playing their respective functions, Scaffold Accessories together to ensure the normal use of scaffolding structure.

Scaffold Accessories can realize flexible movement of scaffold and braking operation.