Scaffolding Accessories Easy To Disassemble Operations

May 15, 2017
Scaffolding Accessories Easy To Disassemble Operations

Scaffolding accessories Safety measures requirements:

1, the protective railing must be closed from top to bottom with a safety barrier.

2, Scaffold Accessories the construction site may have fallen objects, should be removed or fixed first.

3, scaffolding accessories shall not be used as a material storage field, which can only stack a small amount of material, and should be stacked smoothly, shall not impede the passage and handling.

Scaffolding accessories pole under the main features of the bowl buckle is:

1, greatly reducing the cost of scaffolding, to make it more solid connection, erection and disassembly operations convenient;

2, the construction of high efficiency, strong bearing capacity and other characteristics, to adapt to a variety of structural buildings.

Scaffolding Accessories Rod wheel thickness 8-10 mm; weight 0.3-0.5 kg

Scaffolding accessories Rod roulette since 2005 began to market, much user welcome.

Scaffolding accessories Cross bar bolt is played for the scaffolding connection, the weight of 0.25-0.26 kg, the bar bolt is produced by casting. According to yo connector simple that reasonable, clever design, easy to use, safe, fast, easy to transport, storage, easy maintenance and so on. Its allowable load of 120%, efficiency up to 300%, wheeled scaffolding Scaffold Accessories connection disassembly of the rapid convenience and lap quality far beyond the current use of scaffolding. Wheeled scaffolding has been welcomed by users at home and abroad, the domestic road and bridge, municipal, housing construction and other units.

Scaffolding accessories sets of copper fittings for bowl button scaffolding, wheeled scaffolding, bobbin scaffolding, in the scaffolding which play a connecting role, the thickness of copper joints is 2.5-3.5 mm, the weight is 0.6-0.7 kg. Is a kind Scaffold Accessories of mechanical connection joint which can bear the stress and pull stress. Scaffolding accessories sleeve connector with fast connection, good for neutral, reliable performance, saving steel and electricity, all-weather construction and other advantages.

Scaffolding accessories use management requirements:

(1) the construction and use of scaffolding should be responsible for the person, and set up a professional safety supervision and inspection staff to ensure that the scaffolding erection and use in line with the design and the relevant requirements

(2) in the course of the use of scaffolding should be regularly checked, is strictly prohibited chaos, should be promptly clean up the layers of debris accumulation.

(3) shall not be scaffolding components and other objects from the high places throwing, not free to remove the scaffolding has been put into use components.