Scaffolding Accessories Operating Procedures

Jun 21, 2017
Scaffolding Accessories Operating Procedures

Scaffolding accessories safe operating procedures are as follows:

1, the operator must be healthy, after a professional examination, Scaffold Accessories in order to carry out the operation of the basket accessories.

2, the installation of the basket accessories for the inspection of the parts before use.

3, before the operation of the following items should be tested

A, hanging weight and wire rope is in line with the requirements.

B, the power supply voltage is normal.

C, whether there are debris in the basket accessories.

D, if the operation found that the operation is not normal, Scaffold Accessories should immediately stop working, carry out the necessary checks, to return to normal before they can continue to use.

E, after the operation, the parts clean, cut off the power.

 Scaffolding accessories removal work Note:

Removal of the work, is strictly prohibited to use hammers and other hard objects hit, pry digging, remove the connection rod should be placed in the bag, the lock arm should be passed to the ground and put the indoor stockpile. When removing the connecting parts, rotate the locking plate on the lock seat and the locking piece on the hook to the open position, and then start dismantling, and shall not be hardened. Remove the mast, Scaffold Accessories steel pipe and fittings, should be bundled with mechanical lifting or by derrick to the ground, to prevent the collision, is strictly prohibited throwing.

Scaffolding accessories high-altitude operations should pay attention to a few things:

1, the basis of selection of basket accessories, you must choose the right specifications, and the formation of a reasonable mix of construction.

2, personnel training is the key, the operator to carry out rigorous training, Scaffold Accessories so qualified posts to avoid accidents can not be carried out when the emergency treatment.

3, the equipment often overhaul, if any failure to resolve in time.

4, safety rope inspection equipment, so foolproof.

Scaffolding Accessories Insert the pole on the mounting base:

The first layer should be used 3.0m and 1.8m two different lengths of pole staggered, staggered arrangement, so that the pole joints are staggered. The above layers are 3m long pole to take the long, the top with 1.8m long pole leveling. In the installation of the pole at the same time should be set to sweep pole, Scaffold Accessories the pole will be connected into a whole, to ensure the overall stability of the framework. The connection of the pole and the cross bar is by means of a bowl buckle joint. When connecting the cross bar, insert the cross bar connector into the circular groove around the lower bowl and slide the upper bowl with the stop pin. , And clockwise rotation fastening, with a hammer to strike a few times can be a solid lock.