Scaffolding Antioxidant And Easy To Move And So On

May 15, 2017
Scaffolding Antioxidant And Easy To Move And So On

Scaffolding using modular design, so that ordinary users can quickly and securely build a scaffolding tower. The span between the scaffolding frame and the frame is about 400mm, which is the balance between strength, economy and direct climb. INSTANT Scaffolding UPRIGHT uses a unique formula containing rare metals such as nickel and titanium to ensure that the scaffolding is rigid, tough, resistant to oxidation, lightweight and easy to move.

Scaffolding conforms to the European standard EN1004 (mobile metal scaffolding standard) and the British national standard BS1139 Part3 standard, and exceeds the standard level 3 load 2KN / m2. INSTANT product specifications each platform onboard weight of 360 kg, the whole tower carrying capacity 720Kg.

1, anti-scaffolding collapsed

1) Erection of multi-storey and high-rise building scaffolding, should be the preparation of special construction technology program; height of 50m above the floor-type steel scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, door scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, attached scaffolding, hanging basket Scaffolding, etc. should also be a special structural design and calculation (bearing capacity, strength, stability and other calculations).

2) take, remove the scaffolding operator must go through specialized training, certificates.

3) erection of scaffolding materials, fasteners and stereotypes of structural parts, should meet the national quality standards. Before use should be checked and accepted, do not meet the requirements are not allowed to use.

4) scaffolding structure must be in accordance with national standards and design requirements of the erection. According to Scaffolding the provisions of the set scissors and the building with the knot to keep the body to allow the vertical and the overall stability; and in accordance with the provisions of binding protective railings, vertical network, pocket network and other protective facilities, shelf laying strict, not allowed There are probe plates and void plates.

5) scaffolding erection should be carried out inspection and acceptance, to ensure compliance with the quality and safety requirements, the construction period should also be regular and irregular (especially in the wind, rain and snow) after the organization to check, and strictly establish the use of scaffolding management system.

6) attached to lift the scaffolding installation completed after the completion of the test by a special inspection department to test, issued to the use of permits.

7) Attachment lift scaffolding must have safe and reliable lifting equipment and anti-fall, anti-dumping and synchronous warning monitoring and other safety devices, the vertical structure of the steel frame and the horizontal support frame must be taken by welding or bolts, And steel pipe connection. Lifting frame body to unify the command, to strengthen the inspection, to prevent the collision, resistance, shock, frame tilt sloshing. Such as the occurrence of danger should Scaffolding immediately stop investigation.

8) floor type steel scaffolding should be double row erection, pole joint section staggered a step, the root placed in the long pad or on the seat, according to the provisions of the sweeping pole. Support the ground of the pole should be flattened to prevent the ground due to the foundation of the pole appears to be floating phenomenon.

9) cantilevered scaffolding at the bottom of the beam should use the steel beam, with the strength to meet the requirements of the embedded ring will be firmly fixed support beam beam or floor, and according to the height of the frame, according to the design requirements of the use of oblique Pull the wire rope for part of the unloading device.

10) The basket scaffolding shall be made of a frame type frame, and the basket component shall be made of steel or other suitable metal structure material. The structure shall be of sufficient strength and rigidity. The lifting basket shall be Scaffolding provided with a controlled lifting brake And anti-overturning device qualified lifting equipment; operators must be trained, certified posts.

11) Construction of the use of cantilever transfer platform should be designed and calculated. The platform shall not be attached to the scaffolding to make the frame force, must be set independently; platform on both sides of the hanging cable-stayed cable should be tensile strength with the building; platform load should be strictly limited.

12) All lifting equipment and concrete pump tubing in use with scaffolding to take effective isolation and anti-vibration measures to prevent the scaffolding by vibration, shock and instability.

13) removal of scaffolding should be developed and explain the safety measures, shall not be the first wall demolition, should be in order from top to bottom layer by layer demolition, demolition scaffolding places should be set up warning area.