Scaffolding Can Be Used Multiple Times

Aug 09, 2017
Scaffolding Can Be Used Multiple Times

Scaffolding is a temporary structure frame for material, material and construction for construction, and is an important auxiliary facility for construction operation. Type of scaffold: according to its erection position is divided into outer scaffolding and scaffolding two categories; According to its structure, it can be divided into multi force pole type, frame type, bridge type, hanging type, hanging type, lifting type, Scaffolding and tool scaffold for interlayer operation. Its material is divided into wood, bamboo, steel pipe scaffold, steel pipe scaffold is the most widely used in China, the largest amount of erection tools, general use of A3 welded steel pipe, its status, development and improvement of China's building scaffolding technology will have a decisive impact.

The basic requirements of scaffolding: its width should meet the workers operation, material stacking and transportation requirements, solid and stable, easy to dismantle, Scaffolding can be used for many times turnover.

Scaffold Design

1, the scaffold design and the general structure design compared, Scaffolding it has the following characteristics:

(1) The load variability is greater; (the weight of construction personnel and materials changes at any time).

(2) The Fastener connection node belongs to Semi-rigid, Scaffolding and the node rigidity size is related to the fastener quality, the installation quality, the node performance has the big variation.

(3) There are some initial defects in scaffold structure and component, such as the initial bending of the rod, the corrosion, the size error of the erection, and the eccentricity of the load.

(4) The connection point of the wall is more restrictive to the scaffold.

(5) Small Security Reserve: In the past very long period, due to the level of economic and scientific and technological development, scaffolding is basically based on experience, Scaffolding not design and calculation, randomness, safety is not scientific and reliable guarantee; scaffolding materials, forms have a great change after the problem is more prominent.

2, the scaffolding's bearing force

The structure mainly refers to the working layer, the transverse frame and the longitudinal frame. Operating layer is directly under the construction load, Scaffolding the load from the foot to the small bar, and then to the big bars and pillars. The transverse frame consists of a vertical rod and a small cross bar, which is the part of the scaffold which directly withstands and transmits the perpendicular load, which is the main body of the scaffold. The longitudinal frame is mainly to improve the overall stability of the scaffold.

Some high-rise buildings, the use of external or cast-in-place reinforced concrete scissors wall construction method, in order to ensure the safety of construction personnel. Scaffolding Can use the tool-type socket rack, the height of the socket rack is more than a floors, can prevent the construction floor staff to fall outside the perimeter.

Scaffolding as a construction industry necessities, sellers in the sale of products, generally will be said that the flowers of the product, so many builders want to buy prices that is reasonable, Scaffolding goods and quality products, thereby creating a scaffold fastener sales industry competitiveness. We often encounter some problems when purchasing scaffold fasteners, so let's talk about the issues you need to pay attention to when purchasing.

Scaffold Fastener as a necessary item in the construction of Suzhou Steel pipe scaffold, how do most builders buy it? How can we reduce the cost of purchasing? In this way the construction unit can also save money on construction funds.

With the continuous progress of modern society, the continuous updating of products, today's builders in the purchase of products will be safe in the first place, Scaffolding the natural production of safety and quality products is the weight of the manufacturers, so in the selection of products from the characteristics of the product, the enemy, to be victorious.

First of all to see the scaffolding is not a primary welded pipe, grade two and the price of goods will be much poorer, the quality is also much worse. Furthermore, it is to see whether the welded joints are full and uniform, if the welded joints are welded or have leakage welding situation, such scaffolding quality in the use of the load capacity is greatly reduced, affecting the safety of construction.

In the construction efficiency consideration, because the scaffold's manufacture cost is not high, but it in the construction time to demolish the work more, and the cost is much higher, therefore said for the construction efficiency is not high is we consider buys the scaffold the reason.

In the procurement of scaffolding must not pursue low prices to see the scaffolding from the origin and scaffolding production materials, scaffold wall thickness, scaffold tolerance, scaffolding manufacturers strength and product cooperation cases, such as a variety of considerations.