Scaffolding Can Pile Up Building Materials

Jul 28, 2017
Scaffolding Can Pile Up Building Materials

Scaffolding has become the most indispensable part of all construction. The construction work in high altitude also must not be the scaffold system. For example, drywall plastering, painting decoration, pouring concrete and so on are needed to build scaffolding to complete the construction operation. There are many advantages of erection of scaffolding, for example, in addition to the normal construction of scaffolding can be placed in addition to the construction of materials and the need for short distance horizontal transport and so on. This is also the role of scaffolding in the use of the process.

In the scaffold system, the steel pedal is also essential. and a solid steel springboard in the entire scaffold system will be a very good auxiliary role. For the use of scaffolding, Scaffolding there are a few points to pay attention to the basic requirements, first of all, need to measure enough width or area, scaffold and wall between the distance dimension, the height of the tripod. Second, check whether the strength, stiffness, Scaffolding stability of the scaffold to meet the standards, in order to prevent unnecessary safety hazards exist. The third is the overall structure of the scaffold should be simple, and the erection and demolition, handling can be convenient, but also many times to use the turnover. Finally, it is able to own all materials will be owned, Scaffolding so that can save a scaffold costs, and in the selection of the above also as far as possible to do the quality of products to follow up without again because of the problem to replace, to save costs.

Scaffolding function and basic requirements


1, so that the construction staff in different parts of the work.

2, can pile up and transport a certain number of building materials.

3. Ensure the safety of construction personnel in high operation.


1, have enough width or area, step height, distance from the wall.

2, with sufficient strength, stiffness and stability.

3, the structure of scaffolding to be simple, easy to dismantle and carry, Scaffolding can be used for many times turnover.

4. Take advantage of self-owned and rented scaffold materials to save the scaffold cost.