Scaffolding Is Generally Used In The Construction Site

Oct 27, 2017
Scaffolding Is Generally Used In The Construction Site

Scaffolding refers to the current construction site in order to be able to build a better and faster housing a variety of shelves, it is a good solution to our horizontal operation of the external walls or interior decoration, scaffolding is mainly for the construction workers The safety of the building, scaffolding it can be high or can not be used in the construction of places, scaffolding in many places are widely used.

Scaffolding it is made of steel material used to make scaffolding it is generally used in the construction site, scaffolding it is a safe guarantee for our construction workers, in some construction sites we often see scaffolding, maybe Then know what this is used, Scaffolding but it is not very understanding of it, and today we have to look at the scaffolding it is what is special.

Scaffolding it has the advantage of scaffolding it is easy to disassemble it, it is also very good security equipment, from the above picture we can easily see that in fact dry building this industry it is actually very dangerous, scaffolding in many aspects But also for the safety of construction workers played a protective role, Scaffolding which is worthy of our use.

Scaffolding It was in the early 1950s when we have used this method to build the construction, in the sixties when we are widely used in the eighties when there is a variety of materials scaffolding, and now scaffolding it There are several types, there are wooden scaffolding also said to be steel scaffolding, and these materials are now widely used scaffolding.

Scaffolding is so popular, Scaffolding it is determined by its performance characteristics.

First of all, the use of scaffolding wide: indoor and outdoor decoration, shop billboards, bridges, building support, viaducts, elevated roads, culverts, tunnels, dam construction, power station, indoor and outdoor decoration works, can also be used to set up a variety of performance stage, Watch stand, grandstand, Scaffolding temporary advertising planes. In the case of

Second, the scaffolding of high efficiency: flexible, fast disassembly, without screws, and achieved a multiplier of efficiency. Lifting, Scaffolding loading and unloading and transportation and its convenience. In the case of

Third, the scaffolding economical and practical, low cost, small footprint, the use of a long time. Such as maintenance, can be reused more than 30 times.

Finally, the scaffolding is safe and reliable, the joint self-locking ability is good, the series is standardized. Overall performance: with foot pedal, parallel frame, buckle wall, Scaffolding horizontal and cross bar and other vertical and horizontal locking device. Bear reasonable force: vertical pressure from the riser, the performance indicators to meet the construction needs. Fire performance, all the main frame and accessories are steel products.