Scaffolding Is Mainly Used For Safety Protection

Jun 21, 2017
Scaffolding Is Mainly Used For Safety Protection

Scaffolding category

1, according to the use of scaffolding division

1) Operation (operation) Scaffolding

Including scaffolding for structural work and scaffolding for decorative operations

2) Protective scaffolding

Mainly used for safety protection

3) load-bearing, support with scaffolding

Mainly used for template support

2, according to the scaffold material and specifications

1) wood, bamboo scaffolding

2) steel scaffolding

3) door combination scaffolding

3, according to the scaffolding of the solid way to divide

1) floor scaffolding

A scaffolding on a floor, floor, roof, or other platform

2) cantilevered scaffolding

The use of cantilevered erected scaffolding, Scaffolding mainly in the horizontal structure of the cantilever beam erection and the vertical structure of the installation of triangular truss cantilever erection of two.

3) Suspension scaffolding (referred to as "hanging scaffolding")

A scaffolding suspended under a cantilever beam or an engineering structure.

When using basket operations, called "basket"

4) the overall climb scaffolding (referred to as "climbing")

Second, scaffolding material requirements

1, scaffolding steel pipe should be used Φ48.3 × 3.6 steel. The maximum quality of each pipe should not be greater than 25.8kg. Steel pipe is strictly prohibited drilling (strong)

2, fasteners in the bolt tightening torque to 65N · m, Scaffolding shall not be destroyed.

3, adjustable support bearing capacity design value should not be less than 40 kN, support plate thickness should not be less than 5 mm. (Strong)

4, fastener carrying capacity design value (KN)

Single row of scaffolding erection height should not exceed 24m; double row scaffolding erection height should not exceed 50m, height of more than 50m double scaffolding, should be used sub-erection and other measures.

According to the provisions of the construction of [2009] No. 87, set up a height of 24m and above the floor-type steel pipe scaffolding project is a more dangerous part of the sub-project; set up a height of 50m and above floor-type steel scaffolding project is more than a certain size of the risk Large sub-project, Scaffolding need to organize expert demonstration.

One, vertical horizontal bar

1, vertical horizontal bar should be set in the inside of the pole, single rod length should not be less than 3 span;

2, the vertical horizontal pole should be used to connect the fastener connection or lap.

1) The joints of two adjacent longitudinal horizontal rods should not be set in the synchronous or cross-span; the distance from the two adjacent joints or the two adjacent joints in the horizontal direction should not be less than 500mm; the center of each joint to the nearest Distance should not be greater than 1/3 of the distance.

2) Lap length should not be less than 1m, Scaffolding should be set at the equidistant rotation of three rotating fasteners; end fastener cover edge to the vertical horizontal rod end of the distance should not be less than 100mm.