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Scaffolding Technology Technology Of Domestic Weakness

Jan 16, 2017

At present, both inside and outside of the building construction scaffolding and formwork still dominated by steel tubular scaffold with couplers, this scaffolding of backward technology, construction work, is less secure, little-used in developed countries. The scaffold does not require professional production factory, construction companies and leasing companies can go directly to the steel pipe plant purchased steel, to acquisition of fastener fastener factory. And many of the steel plant is and fastener factory production process behind, poorly equipped, low level of some privately-run small plants, product quality is difficult to guarantee. At present most of the scaffolding factory equipment and production processes backward, low levels of technology, strong technical force, weak, no independent research and development ability, can only copy other people's products, or to the foreign order processing. There is already more than 10 years of history, expanding the scale of production, production technology is higher, but still does not have its own brand products, currently there are intellectual scaffolding business about no more than 10.