Scaffolding Which Security Technology Problems To Be Noticed

Jan 16, 2017
Scaffolding Which Security Technology Problems To Be Noticed

1, shelves must be treated with scrupulous, after lay flat on the ground, to do the drainage, bottom shelf must not water.
2, shelf material opposition sure to strictly, after bending for steel pipe pole not straightening and uneven thickness of material such as substandard steel.
3, good workers should be on Division of labor and cooperation, good Center of gravity when passing bar, smooth delivery. Do not push too hard, so as to avoid physical imbalances or bar. On each step, to ask each other and confirmed for the next process.
4, workers should wear tool bag, tool installed in the bag, don't put it on the shelf to avoid falling hurts.
5, the construction materials to be used on, so as not to place does not fall.
6, before each time you call it, all on the shelf material must be fully set up, cannot remain on the shelf, and must form a stable structure, cannot form a stable part of the temporary support measures should be taken in the framework of strengthening.