The Role Of Scaffolding In Building Construction Is Too Important

Oct 18, 2017
The Role Of Scaffolding In Building Construction Is Too Important

At present, many projects need high-altitude work, the role of scaffolding is particularly important. Scaffolding is an essential temporary facility in construction, for example, masonry to the wall, pouring concrete, metope plastering, decoration and painting, structural component installation, and so on, Scaffolding need to put up scaffolding beside it, in order to stand on the above construction operations, piling construction materials and the necessary short distance horizontal transport.

The scaffold is divided into four kinds of basic forms, such as landing, suspending, suspending, attaching and lifting, Scaffolding according to the building façade.

The ① floor scaffold is erected on the outer surface of the building, and the main erection method is vertical bar double row erection. Due to the limited bearing capacity, combined with a large amount of material consumption, taking a long time, so the scaffold erection height of more than 40m under control. Scaffolding In the construction of brick masonry structure, the scaffold is used for masonry, decoration and protection. In the construction of multistory frame structure, the scaffold is mainly used for decoration and protection.

The ② cantilever scaffold is set up on the overhanging structure protruding outward from the outer edge of the building, and the scaffold load is transferred to the construction structure in whole or in part. The structure of triangular truss under the cantilever support structure and the inclined-drawing structure of the horizontal beam with steel wire rope are two main forms. The double exclusive scaffold erected on the cantilever structure is the same as the floor scaffold, and the height of the segmented cantilever scaffold is generally controlled within 25m. Scaffolding This form of scaffolding for decoration and protection, application in the downtown need to be fully closed high-rise building construction, in order to prevent falling debris.

Although the scaffold is erected with the progress of the project, the project is demolished, but it has a direct impact on the construction speed, working efficiency, engineering quality and the safety of the workers. If the scaffold is not erected, it will delay the progress of the project; scaffold Erection does not meet the construction needs, the workers are not convenient to operate, Scaffolding the quality is not guaranteed, the efficiency is not improved; scaffold Erection is not firm, unstable, it is easy to cause casualties in the construction. The selection of scaffolding, construction, erection, quality and so on these factors, must not be careless, hasty treatment, because it in the construction of the role of too important.

Scaffold Erection

1. The scaffold shall be connected with the structure in accordance with the provisions and shall not be removed during use; The scaffold shall not be connected with the formwork bracket.

2, the work platform of the foot must be covered in the width of the scaffold, Scaffolding the spread of stability. A horizontal safety net or scaffold protective layer should be set up under the operating platform to prevent damage caused by falling objects.