The Role Of Scaffolding In Construction

Jul 05, 2017
The Role Of Scaffolding In Construction

Scaffold (scaffold) refers to the construction site for workers to operate and solve the vertical and horizontal transport and erected various stents. Common terminology in the construction industry, refers to the construction site used in the external walls, interior decoration or high height can not be directly the construction of the place. Mainly for the construction staff to work up and down or external safety net maintenance and installation of high-altitude components, said white is the shelf, scaffolding production materials are: bamboo, wood, Scaffolding steel or synthetic materials. Some projects are also used as scaffolding templates, in addition to the advertising industry, municipal, traffic, roads and bridges, Scaffolding mines and other departments are widely used.

【main effect】

1, so that construction workers in different parts of the work.

2, can stack and transport a certain amount of building materials.

3, to ensure that the construction personnel in the high operation of the security.

4, to ensure that construction workers at high altitude construction must foothold.

5, for the high-altitude construction personnel to provide external protective frame.

6, for the high-altitude construction personnel to provide unloading with the platform.


1, there is enough width or area, heap height, distance from the wall.

2, have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability.

3, the structure of scaffolding to be simple, Scaffolding easy to dismantle and handling, can be used many times.

4, according to local conditions, local materials, try to use their own and can be rented scaffolding materials, save scaffolding costs.


Scaffolding according to the building on the surface of the state is divided into floor, cantilever, hanging, attached to the four basic forms of lift.

① floor scaffolding erected in the building on the ground, the main erection method for the pole double erected. Due to the load capacity of the pole, Scaffolding coupled with the large amount of material consumption, take a long time, so this scaffolding erect height control in 40m below. In the construction of brick and concrete structure, the scaffolding also for masonry, decoration and protection purposes; in the multi-storey frame construction, the scaffolding mainly for decoration and protection purposes.

② hanging scaffolding erected in the outer edge of the building out of the cantilevered structure, the scaffolding load all or part of the transmission to the building structure. Scaffolding Cantilever support structure The use of profiled steel welded triangular truss under the structure and the use of steel wire rope oblique pull the horizontal steel beam girder of the two major forms of cable-stayed structure. In the cantilever structure erected double row of scaffolding and floor scaffolding the same, sub-cantilevered scaffold height is generally controlled within 25m. The form of scaffolding for decoration and protection purposes, used in the downtown area need to be closed for high-rise building construction, to prevent falling objects hurt.