The Scaffold Guarantees The Safety Of The Construction Personnel During High Altitude Operation

Oct 09, 2017
The Scaffold Guarantees The Safety Of The Construction Personnel During High Altitude Operation

Scaffolding refers to the construction site for workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transport and set up a variety of stents. The general term of the building industry, which refers to the construction site with external walls, interior decoration or higher floors can not be directly constructed. Mainly for the construction staff to work up and down the perimeter safety net maintenance and High-altitude installation components, and so on, plainly is Shing, scaffold production materials are usually: bamboo, wood, Scaffolding steel pipe or synthetic materials. Some projects also use scaffolding as a template, in addition to the advertising industry, municipal, Road and bridge, Scaffolding mining and other departments are widely used.

Several features of scaffolding:

1) Easy to install and dismantle, flexible erection. Because the length of the steel tube is easy to adjust and the fastener is easy to connect, it can be adapted to various planes, facades of buildings and structures with scaffolding.

2) The bearing capacity is larger. Scaffolding When the geometrical dimension and the construction of the scaffold conform to the requirements of the specification, the bearing capacity of the single pipe column of the scaffold is usually very large.

3) More economical. Processing is simple, the cost of one investment is lower; Scaffolding if the scaffold geometry is carefully designed and the working rate of the steel pipe is improved, the material dosage can also achieve better economic effect. The steel pipe frame of fastener is equivalent to 15 kg per square metre.

Scaffolding main function

1, so that the construction staff in different parts of the work.

2, can pile up and transport a certain number of building materials.

3. Scaffolding Ensure the safety of construction personnel in high operation.

4, Scaffolding to ensure that construction personnel in the High-altitude construction must be a foothold.

5, for high-altitude construction personnel to provide perimeter protection.

6, for high-altitude construction personnel to provide unloading platform.

Scaffold Requirements

1, have enough width or area, step height, distance from the wall.

2, with sufficient strength, stiffness and stability.

3, the structure of scaffolding to be simple, Scaffolding easy to dismantle and carry, can be used for many times turnover.

4. Take advantage of self-owned and rented scaffold materials to save the scaffold cost.