The Scaffolding Bearing Capacity Is Larger

Sep 21, 2017
The Scaffolding Bearing Capacity Is Larger

Several features of scaffolding:

1) Easy to install and dismantle, flexible erection. Because the length of the steel tube is easy to adjust and the fastener is easy to connect, it can be adapted to various planes, facades of buildings and structures with scaffolding.

2) The bearing capacity is larger. When the geometrical dimension and the construction of the scaffold conform to the requirements of the specification, the bearing capacity of the single pipe column of the scaffold is usually very large.

3) More economical. Processing is simple, the cost of one investment is lower; Scaffolding if the scaffold geometry is carefully designed and the working rate of the steel pipe is improved, the material dosage can also achieve better economic effect. The steel pipe frame of fastener is equivalent to 15 kg per square metre.

Scaffolding has a reliable two-way self-locking ability, the traditional scaffolding to solve the shortage of artificial locking, the speed of the demolition of steel pipe fastener-type Scaffold 8-10 times, Scaffolding is the bowl buckle scaffold 3-5 times. The vertical intersection precision of the shaft axis line and the axis of the bar of the scaffold is high, the force nature is reasonable, the carrying capacity is 4 times times of the steel pipe fastener type scaffold, and it is twice times of the bowl type scaffold. The use of the excessive rod can be used with the bowl buckle, chrysanthemum frame each other. Scaffold is suitable for: support of construction steel formwork project, Scaffolding scaffold support of road and bridge construction project, outer wall scaffold of high and low building, warehouse shelf, interior and exterior scaffold of decoration engineering and shipbuilding industry, stage frame, etc.

Scaffold Specification:

Vertical bar Specification: Tube diameter φ48mm; 3.25mm; general height: 3.0m, 2.4m, 1.8m, 1.5, 1.2m. Every 600MM welding has a star disk, one end is an external casing, Scaffolding its fixed vertical pole action. can also be produced according to the requirements of the party.