Types And Functions Of Scaffolding

Jul 18, 2017
Types And Functions Of Scaffolding

In the construction site often can see a variety of scaffolding, each scaffold of the product characteristics of different functional uses are not the same, what is the difference between scaffolding? What kind of construction site need to use which scaffolding? In order to solve the problem of scaffolding products, the types and functions of scaffolding introduced.

Introduction of the types and functions of scaffold products

I. In accordance with the location of the building:

(1) Outer scaffold: Outer scaffold is erected from the ground along the periphery of the building, which is used for exterior wall masonry, and can be used for exterior decoration construction. Scaffolding Its main forms are multiple-pole type, frame type, bridge type and so on. Multi-bar-type application is the most widely, the box second. Bridge application is least.

(2) Inside the scaffold: scaffolding in the building, each completed a layer of wall, will be transferred to the upper floor, a new layer of masonry, it can be used for internal and external wall masonry and interior decoration construction. In the scaffold material is few, but the disassembly is frequent, Scaffolding therefore requests the light nimble, the disassembly is convenient. Its structure type has folding type, prop type and door frame type and so on.

Second, according to the support position and support methods divided:

(1) Cantilever type: The scaffold, which is supported by cantilever method, has the following 3 types.

(2) erected on the special cantilever beam;

(3) erected on the special cantilever triangular truss;

(4) Set up on the support structure of the supporting Rod assembly. Scaffolding The supporting structure has a wide range of oblique-bracing type and top-fixed type.

Divided by various uses:

(1) Hanging scaffold with wall: in the upper or middle hanging on the wall to pick up the scaffolding.

(2) Suspension scaffold: Scaffold suspended in cantilever beam or under engineering structure.

(3) Attachment of lifting scaffold ("climbing"): attached to the engineering structure rely on their own lifting equipment to achieve take-off and landing scaffolding.

(4) Horizontal moving scaffold: Scaffold or platform frame with walking device.

(5) According to its materials are divided into: wood scaffolding, Scaffolding bamboo scaffolding and metal scaffolding;

(6) According to its structure form is divided into: multi-pole type, bowl buckle type, door type, square type, attachment-type lifting scaffold and suspended scaffolding. The above is about the types and characteristics of scaffolding, if you need to learn more about the relevant knowledge and content of the scaffolding in Changsha, you can read the "Changsha scaffolding which professional" may be able to provide you with more help.