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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Steel Pipe Scaffold

Jan 16, 2017

First, the advantages of fastener-style steel pipe scaffolding:
1, large bearing capacity. Scaffold geometry and construction conform to the relevant specifications for the time being. Scaffold tube columns bearing capacity of up to 15kN35kN1. 5tf3. 5TF) flexible steel tubular scaffold with couplers. Because the pipe length adjustment;
2, easy to Assembly and disassembly. Fastener is simple, so it can adapt to a variety of plane, facade scaffolding for buildings and structures. A low investment costs if carefully designed scaffolding geometry.
3, more economical. Process is very simple. Improve pipe turnover rate, the data consumption could be achieved good economic results. Steel fastener replacement construction steel of about 15 kg per square meter.
Second, the disadvantages of steel tubular scaffold with couplers:
1, fasteners (screw in particular) tend to lose; transmission of load and internal force of sliding resistance;
2, node elements for eccentric connection. Reduces its bearing capacity;
3, node connection quality fastener fastener quality and obviously affect the workers.