Scaffold Ringlock Rosette Galvanized Verticals Standard

Application: Ringlock System Scaffolding Main Tube:48.3*3.25mm; Ring Plate:10mm thickness; Material:Q235 Surface treatment: HDG

Product Details

* Ringlock Scaffolding Verticals

Application: Ringlock System Scaffolding

Main Tube: 48.3*3.25mm

Ring Plate: 10mm thickness

Connect Pin: 39*3mm with high strength bolt/screw

Material: Q235

Surface treatment: HDG (hot-dip galvanizing)

外贸快车 Ringlock Scaffolding Verticals 10

Ringlock Scaffolding Verticals
Product CodeDescriptionEffective LengthWeight
RLV101 Ring Vertical W/Spigot19.690.506.93.1
RLV332 Ring Vertical W/Spigot39.371.0012.15.5
RLV4113 Ring Vertical W/Spigot59.061.5017.33.1
RLV664 Ring Vertical W/Spigot78.742.0015.217.8
RLV825 Ring Vertical W/Spigot98.432.5026.412.0
RLV9106 Ring Vertical W/Spigot118.113.0032.915.0

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