Removable Folding Tripod

For securing floor props

Product Details

Removable Folding Tripod

Application: Slab Formwork System


Product Information

For securing floor props



The removable folding tripod provides sufficient bracing while the floor props, primary beams and secondary beams are being set up in situations where the formwork superstructure is braced by walls on all sides.

▪ For holding floor props upright

 Swing-out legs allow flexible placement in constricted situations such as along edges and in corners


Technical Information

Weight: 11.85 kg

Length: 25 cm

Width: 20 cm

Height: 80 cm

Surface treatment: HDG (hot-dip galvanizing)


Instructions for Use

Put up each removable folding tripod. 

Do not oil or grease wedge-clamped joins.

 Put the floor prop into the tripod and fix it in place with the clamping lever.

Removable Folding Tripod 10

Before stepping onto the formwork, check again to make sure that the props have been correctly fixed in the tripods.

Setting up tripods in corners or up against walls

If it is not possible to completely unfold the legs of the tripod – e.g. at the edges of a structure or at floor breakthroughs etc. – we recommend fastening this tripod to an adjacent floor prop instead, where there is room for the legs to be completely unfolded.

Removable Folding Tripod 20